About personal information protection

Privacy Policy

Regarding the personal information of our customers, employees and the parties involved in business transactions that we handle during our activities, the Association observes the laws and ordinances and all other regulations related to the protection of personal information based on our voluntary rules and system.

We hereby set forth the privacy policy as described below, and declare that we will implement it and continuously evaluate it for the sake of improvement.

  • 1.To carry out the above declaration, the Association ensures that all employees and other parties involved thoroughly understand and implement the policy based on the compliance program for privacy protection. We will continue to implement and improve the privacy policy.
  • 2.The Association obtains personal information through fair, legitimate means. We ask the customer whose personal information is being obtained to acknowledge an agreement regarding necessary matters such as the purpose(s) of use, or we publicize such necessary matters on the Association's website.
  • 3.When obtaining personal information indirectly, the Association's website publicizes necessary maters such as the purpose(s) of using the personal information thus obtained.
  • 4.Regarding the Association's use of personal information, we obtain consent from each customer whose personal information is being acquired. Or, only the personnel authorized to use the personal information for a specific task will be allowed to use such information within the scope of necessary matters publicized on the Association's website and within the scope of necessary matters required for such task.
  • 5.The Association takes all corrective actions and rational safety measures necessary in order to prevent illegal access to, loss of, damage to, manipulation of or leakage of personal information.
  • 6.When outsourcing the handling of personal data, the Association makes necessary agreement(s) with an appropriate outsourcing company and undertakes all other measures that are required by law.
  • 7.Principally, the Association prohibits the provision of personal information to any third party without the consent of the person whose personal information has been obtained.
  • 8.Once an identity has been confirmed, the Association responds to that individual's request for disclosure, correction, the cessation of use, or the deletion of personal data, and acts accordingly without delay.

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Director   Masaki Kawazoe