2. About personal information protection

About personal information protection


Scope of Application

This statement is applicable to the CC-Link Partner Association and the website www.cc-link.org.

Personal Information

  • The Association obtains personal information through fair, legitimate means. We do not obtain such information through illegal means. Additionally, we either obtain consent from a customer whose personal information is being acquired (including our partners, as applicable hereinafter) for the use of such information, or publicize the necessary matters on the Association's website. Please see here for the Association's privacy policy.
  • Please refer here for details on the handling of personal information possessed by the Association.
  • We may obtain personal information on the Association's website through cookies and other similar methods. Please see here more details.

Purposes of Use

  • The Association uses the information provided by our customers as we conduct our activities with them.
  • The Association uses the personal information of our customers in order to provide services that are appropriate and beneficial to everyone, such as when we introduce the Association's activities, products and services that our partners provide, along with other related services.

Request for Disclosure Based on the Personal Information Protection Law

  • Based on the Personal Information Protection Law, a customer can request that the Association disclose his/her own personal data possessed by the Association, as well as its results, and can also request revision and deletion when necessary. (These requests are referred to as "requests for disclosure, etc.")
  • For details about the request for disclosure, etc., including the procedures involved, please inquire with the customer service desk at the CC-Link Partner Association.

CC-Link Partner Association
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