CLPA Global Activity Report

CLPA Global Activity Report delivers the latest information on worldwide industrial automation trends relating to the Japan-born, world's-first open field network "CC-Link/CC-Link IE," and updates about CLPA's activities.


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Special Edition Making a Global Breakthrough with CC-Link & CC-Link IE

Global strength of CC-Link/CC-Link IE increases with Balluff's nomination to the CLPA Board of Directors

With more than 50 years of experience in sensors, Balluff GmbH is one of the world's leading sensor specialists in all areas of automation. For some years now the company has increasingly been developing from a pure sensor and components manufacturer into an automation and systems supplier. Since 2008 Balluff has been a member of the CLPA and is now entering the Managing Board of the organisation as the eighth company worldwide. In an interview, Jürgen Gutekunst, Vice President, Business Unit Networking and Business Unit Systems at Balluff, gives an overview of the company, explains the reasons for the increased commitment to CC-Link and describes his vision for the future of the CLPA.

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Vol.8 Towards CC-Link IE and PROFINET Interconnection

Cover Story

CLPA and OPC Foundation Sign MoU

CLPA and the OPC Foundation work together towards collaboration between factories and ICT
Expansion of CC-Link IE, accelerating both "horizontally" and "vertically"


Announcing "CC-Link IE Field Network Basic"

Release of new specifications to drive the expansion of CC-Link IE compatible devices Cyclic communication enabled by just implementing software

Special Report

New Branches Open

New branches open in Mexico and Thailand Locally-centered outreach expansion

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Vol.7 Towards CC-Link IE and PROFINET Interconnection

Special Report

Towards CC-Link IE and PROFINET Interconnection

Powerful Cooperation for the Era of IIoT and Industry 4.0
Towards CC-Link IE and PROFINET Interconnection Development of common specifications will allow communication between different industrial networks



"Increased bandwidth through connection with
CC-Link IE, to keep up with expanding data volumes"

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Vol.6 CC-Link Partner Association 15th anniversary

Cover Story

CC-Link Partner Association 15th anniversary

Pursuing global standard network compliant with standards

Special Interview

Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association × CLPA

Automation Technology: the Key to Enhancing the Shenzhen FPD Industry
Medium to small-sized manufacturers face the issue of production management in their rapid development

Special Interview

Professor Akiyoshi Kabe of the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University × Maiko Ito × CLPA Global Director Naomi Nakamura

Robots Usher In New Possibilities in Preventative Medicine
Towards New Applications for CC-Link/CC-Link IE


Renesas Electronics

"The combination of the R-IN Engine and CC-Link IE is ideal for utilizing IoT / M2M"
Renesas Electronics provides 1 Gbps-compliant industrial Ethernet communication LSI

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Vol.5 Special Interview

Special Interview

Molex: New member of the CLPA board of directors

Molex joins the CLPA board of directors to help shape the future of CC-Link/CC-Link IE

Special Interview

CC-Link Partner Association × Maruti Suzuki (India)

CC-Link that Supports "1 vehicle Every 26 Seconds" Vehicle Manufacturing Expand the Application as a Base of the Largest Automobile Maker in India

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Vol.4 Special Interview

Special Interview

Interview with the new chairman of the CLPA

Networks are the keys for innovation Japanese technology enriches the World

Special Interview

Interview with Head of CLPA Turkey

A new CLPA branch opens in Turkey The new branch accelerates the adoption of CC-Link in developing countries

Special Interview

Global strategy

Strengthening the Asian strategy to build a base for the future

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Vol.3 Pioneering the Possibilities for Automation with CC-Link & CC-Link IE

Special Interview

CC-Link Partner Association and Beijing BOE Display Technology Co., Ltd.

An 8.5th-generation Factory Leading the FPD Industry in China Looks Forward to the Future Development of CC-Link and CC-Link IE

Special Interview

CC-Link Partner Association and Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant Co., Ltd.

Chinese leading heavy industry manufacturer working on enhancement of energy conservation achieves advanced energy management with CC-Link IE

Special Interview

CC-Link Partner Association and AS-International Association

Strengthened Cooperation between AS-International and CLPA: Joint Promotional Activities in Progress

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Vol.2 The New Frontier of FA with CC-Link/CC-Link IE

Customer Dialogue

CC-Link Partner Association & Beijing Hyundai Motor Company

The Highly Developed Productivity of Beijing Hyundai Motor Company Automation Technology is the Strength Behind Its Brand Power

Special Report

CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)

CC-Link Safety approved as Chinese National Standard Large certification announcement event held in Beijing

Special Interview

A conversation with the CLPA's Engineering Adviser, Professor Kabe

Exploring new applications for CC-Link globally

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Vol.1 CC-Link and CC-Link IE The Most Widely-Used Networks in Asia

Special Feature

Global strategy

"CC-Link and CC-Link IE", Open Industrial Networks from Japan
Spreading Globally From Their Stronghold in Asia


CC-Link Partner Association & FAW Car Co., Ltd.

Part1 Production systems are strengthened to respond to market diversification. "Keys of evolution are in the hands of automation technology"

Part2 Reliability is important for industrial networks.
New technology designed for integration with information systems looks promising


CC-Link Partner Association & China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturers Association LCD Branch

The Chinese FPD Industry Continues to Grow. "CC-Link and CC-Link IE Will Meet The Challenge of Production Advancement"

Special Report

Review of FPD International China 2012/Beijing Summit

CC-Link and CC-Link IE were the Hot Topics at the FPD International Event Attendees Saw Technology and Application Examples from the Latest Factories

Special Report

Review of FPD International Taiwan 2012

CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) Joins FPD Technology Seminar in Taiwan, Addresses Attendees on the Theme of Manufacturing Technology Evolution

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