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AFCS02 CC-Link Slave Interface

CC-Link Slave Interface for SYSMAC CS1
This slave interface board connects OMRON PLC SYSMAC CS1 to the host CC-Link.

AFSR-02 CC-Link Slave Interface for Yokogawa Electric FA-M3 Series

Slot-in-type CC-Link slave interface board enabling Yokogawa Electric PLC FA-M3 series devices to be connected to upper-order CC-Link

AFMP-02-C/AFMP-02-CA CC-Link Slave Interface for YASKAWA ELECTRIC MP2000 Series

CC-Link Slave Interface with AnyWire DB Master for MP2200/2300 (YASKAWA ELECTRIC)
Slave interface board for connecting YASKAWA ELECTRIC PLC (machine controller) MP2200/2300 to the host CC-Link.

AFCJ02 CC-Link Slave Interface

CC-Link Slave Interface for SYSMAC CJ1
This slave interface board connects OMRON PLC SYSMAC CJ1 to the host CC-Link.

CC-Link|Device|Digital I/O

AB023-C1 CC-Link Bit Distribution I/O

This is a CC-Link system digital I/O. This digital I/O has a reduced wiring function, allowing to mount various types of I/O terminal on needed place as needed. With a large variety of compatible I/O terminals, a maximum of 512 points for I/O are supported on up to 128 I/O terminals, which have minimal point dispersion.


AG42-C2 AnyWire DB Gateway Compatible with CC-Link Ver. 2.00

A new model compatible with CC-Link Ver. 2.00 is added to the CC-Link-AnyWire DB gateway.

AG42-C1 AnyWire-DB Gateway Compatible with CC-Link

The AnyWire wire-saving system complements open network CC-Link systems with flexibility.


CC-Link/LT Picking Terminal ALT27XB-02G-P

A must-have picking system for sorting and assembling in all fields of industry.
An easy-to-install "reduced wiring Picking Terminal" is here for you to use as if it were the D-I/O of a PLC.
The handy, reduced wiring CC-Link/LT allows you to build up a simple picking system.