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AFCS02 CC-Link Slave Interface

CC-Link Slave Interface for SYSMAC CS1
This slave interface board connects OMRON PLC SYSMAC CS1 to the host CC-Link.


  • You can easily connect OMRON SYSMAC CS1 to the host PLC MELSEC,PC-Base Controller, and other CC-Link masters. Now, a high-speed data exchange is possible between Mitsubishi systems and OMRON systems dispersed in your production sites.
  • A single CC-Link master can connect 16 SYSMAC CS1 units at the maximum.
  • CC-Link is a world-standard open field network developed in Japan. High-speed, stable I/O responses and expandability with a high degree of freedom - this overwhelming performance has been recognized, and CC-Link is certified by SEMI, ISO, and the Chinese national standard GB. CC-Link is accelerating to become an open technology.
  • 省配線、省工数、省スペース化の実現。
  • MELSEC統合プログラミングツールで簡単にパラメータ設定できるため、設計から運転までの立ち上げ時間とコストを大幅に削減。
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 4 stations
CC-Link version Ver.1.10 / Ver.2.00
External dimensions 34.5W×130H×110.5D [mm]
Mass 172g
Standard Price お問い合わせ下さい


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