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CC-Link IE Field|Slave|PC

CC-Link IE Slave Field Network Interface Card

With a 50% smaller footprint and industry-leading low power consumption over alternatives, CC-Link IE Field Slave PCI & PCI Express Network Interface Cards deliver reliable performance

CC-Link IE Field|Peripheral devices|Cables・connectors

Supported CC-Link IE Field M12 CAT6A Connector System

Rugged, sealed M12 CAT6A Connector System with innovative x-code cross-shielding achieves superior signal integrity and up to 10 Gbps Ethernet for vision systems and other high-speed data transfer applications in harsh environments.


Brad SST-CCS-PCU Interface Card for CC-Link PCI Slave

A high-performance, low-price CC-Link slave card with full functions, coming with the VxWorks driver as a standard feature.
The PCI (3.3/5V) and PCI Express cards is most suitable for PC solutions.
Supported full and half bracket

CC-Link|Peripheral devices|Cables・connectors

M12 Mold Type Connector

Connectorization for CC-Link! M12 connectors allow you to install the cable easy and quick.
Our products rated IP68 can offer a reliable solution in harsh environments.
Wide range of products is available such as molded and field attachable types, and receptacle connectors etc.

CC-Link|Peripheral devices|Wiring products

Brad Control IP67 Digital I/O Module

The BradControl harshIO IP67 I/O modules provide a reliable solution for connecting industrial controllers to I/O devices in harsh environments