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FRENIC-HVAC Series Low voltage AC drives for HVAC applications

The first slim-type inverter specialized in energy-saving from Fuji Electric.
Large Contribution to Reducing Global Warming (Environmental Protection) with Energy Saving!

FRENIC-MEGA Series High performance, multifunction Inverter

FRENIC-MEGA has been developed with unyielding standards of quality and flexibility to meet the demands of both simple and complex industrial applications. Meeting the requirements for various applicaions, achieving lower maintenance, and improved protection to environmental conditions.

FRENIC Ace Series High-performance Standard Inverter

The standard inverter for the next generation, the FRENIC-Ace, can be used in almost any type of application—from fans and pumps to specialized machinery.

FRENIC-VG High Performance Vector Control Inverter

The best-performing inverter in market developed by comprehensive vector inverter technologies of Fuji Electric

FRENIC-Eco Series General-purpose Inverter

A new-type inverter with a new energy-saving operation function, aiming at further energy saving in air conditioning

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