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CC-Link|Device|Load cell・Indicator


FC1000 is the weighing indicator with various features such as the white LCD main and sub display, IP 65 dust and drip protection, accumulation function, data recording on SD Card, and high-speed A/D conversion rate of 1.2kHz.

Digital Indicator FS2000

The best solution for OK/NOK judgment of press fitting and caulking application !!
High responsiveness of 5kHz to fully utilize the performance of Super Cell !!
A fluctuation of force is shown as a waveform

Global standard model High performance design Weighing indicator F701-S

High grade unit that pursues high specifications and functions

Graphic Display Type Digital Indicator F377A

The F377 is a digital indicator for voltage and current output type sensor.
This product contributes to the quality control of production lines by its powerful hold and OK/NG judgment functions.

Graphic Display Type Weighing Controller F600AT

This is a basic type weighing controller featuring select functions necessary for metering.

Weighing Controller for Checker Scale F805A-CK

A weighing controller developed for checker scale

Graphic Display Type Digital Indicator F372A

This is digital indicator for strain gauge type sensor for measuring and controlling press fitting, load, torque, etc.

Weighing Controller for Constant Feed Weigher F805A-CF

A weighing controller developed for weight supply and loss-in-weight.

All-in-one Type Weighing Controller F805A

A weighing controller combining a variety of functions developed exclusively for metering systems and ever-higher user-friendliness.

All-in-one Type Weighing Controller F800

A weighing controller with a wide range of applications and compatible with any metering system requiring advanced know-how.

Dynamic Force Processor F381A

On-the-spot problem analysis and setting while observing fluctuation of "Force"
Boundless control on "Force" such as Pressure, Load and Torque!

Weighing Controller F156 for CC-Link

Equipped with a CC-Link interface as a standard item, this weighing controller is best suited for use within control panels, etc.

Accumulation Value Display Weighing Controller F701-C

General-purpose type weighing controller equipped with sequence weighing function corresponding to high accuracy measurement control.

Weighing Controller F160 for CC-Link

Control panel mounting type Weighing Controller with CC-Link interface, compact size and display.