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CSD-912B-73 Graphic Digital Indicator for Load Cells

This graphic digital indicator CSD-912B for the load cells can be widely applied from an advanced sequence control such as the hopper scales, the packer scales, etc., to a simple measurement such as the platform scales, etc.

Digital peak holder CSD-709-73

It is a digital peak holder with high speed sampling 4000 times / s.

CSD-892-73 Digital Conversion Module

High performance and Palmtop size Digital Conversion Module.
Fit and Smart model in FA systems.

CSD-903-73 Digital Indicator for Load Cells

New basic model including all Minebea's precious measurement knowhow. Digital indicator, most suitable for weighing systems.

Digital Indicator for Load Cells CSD-815B-73

This digital indicator CSD-815B for load sell is low-priced,light weight and compact size.

CSD-891B-73 Digital Indicator for Load Cells

This digital indicator for load cells can be housed in a panel.