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CC-Link Master / Local station IF OP-23

An AD5435 series expansion board for CC-Link master / local station communication.

CC-Link|Slave|Load cell・Indicator


The AD-4430C is a weighing indicator that amplifies signals from a load cell, converts it to digital data and displays it as a mass value.

Multiple-function weighing indicator AD-4402

A multiple-function weighing indicator. In spite of the low profile body, it has a large display screen and well-established measuring functions. It offers input and output such as for the CC-Link to be compatible with various kinds of devices used in a plant.

CC-Link|Slave|Process Device

AD-8923-CC Remote Controller(CC-Link)

Easily create a production line weighing system by connecting AD-4212C weighing sensors. With A&D weighing instruments (balances and scales), it is possible to transmit weighing data with CC-Link.