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Soft Motion Controller WMX3

The world's first "CC-Link IE TSN" software master.
Windows PC-based soft motion controller that does not require
any dedicated hardware.


  • Without proprietary hardware such as a motion board, it realizes
    high-speed, high-precision synchronous multi-axis motion controls
    with a single Windows PC.
    ・Real-time executions of motion contorl algorithms are running
     on a real-time kernel independently and securely from Windows
     on a separate core of PC CPU.
  • High-end motion control functions
    ・High-speed synchronous control of maximum 128 axes of servos
     and 60,000 points of I/O
    ・CC-Link IE TSN Communication cycle:0.125 ms (16 axes) to
     1 ms (128 axes)
  • Supports general-purpose development environments
    for user applications
    ・Development environments: Visual Studio, C ++ Builder, LabVIEW
    ・Development programming languages: C / C ++, C #, VB, Python 3.6
     * The motion function library is provided by API.
  • Supports ”Hybrid network”
    ・Simultaneous communication with CC-Link IE TSN and EtherCAT
     is also possible with two LAN ports from a single PC.
     Servo control is realized by CC-Link IE TSN, and various I/O control is
     realized by EtherCAT simultaneously.
Station type Master station
Authentication Class B
Communication speed 1Gbps,100Mbps
External dimensions
Standard Price Please contact us.


  • Company name : モベンシス株式会社
  • Address : 東京都立川市錦町3-1-13 立川ASビル 2F
  • Telephone : 042-512-5377
  • Mail : info.jp@movensys.com
  • https://www.movensys.com
  • [Korea]
  • Company name : 모벤시스 (주)
  • Address : 경기도 성남시 분당구 황새울로258번길 25 (수내동,서영빌딩) 8층 모벤시스
  • Telephone : 031-895-5066
  • Mail : info.kr@movensys.com
  • https://www.movensys.com/kr
  • [Other]
  • Company name : MOVENSYS Inc.
  • Address : Tachikawa AS Bldg 2F, 3-1-13 Nishiki-cho,Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0022, Japan
  • Telephone : +81-42-512-5377
  • Mail : info.jp@movensys.com
  • https://www.movensys.com