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CC-Link|Slave|Digital I/O

Weidmueller Interface GmbH & Co. KG

u-remote fieldbus coupler / UR20-FBC-CC

u-remote fieldbus couplers are well proven to build up fieldbus demand-oriented architectures and to adapt them flexibly to individual requirements. The u-remote station captures system states via sensors, send the data to higher-level control units and transmit output signals to the actuators. The UR20-FBC-CC coupler can be used wherever distributed analogue or digital I/Os have to be connected to PLCs or control units via CC-Link networks according to the specification protocol versions V1.11 and V2.00.


  • - modular system design (up to 64 I/O modules with one system supply)
    - integrated web server for diagnosis and parameterization
    - separated current paths for in- and output modules (2 x 10A @ 24V DC)
Station type Remote Device Station
Number of stations occupied Depends on number of connected I/O modules
CC-Link version V1.11 and V2.00
External dimensions
Standard Price


  • Company name : Weidmueller
  • Weidmueller has representative and distributors worldwide. Please look at our website to find your local distributor.
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