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JMACS Japan Co., Ltd.

Robot/movable Industrial Ethernet cable RX-IETP-SB

As high-grade type of industrial Ethernet cables,it can be used for wiring of high-speed movable portions,such as a cable carrier/robots.


  • Meets electrical frequency standard of ISO/IEC 11801 (Cat.5) and TIA/EIA-568-C.2(Cat.5e).
  • Double shielding by AL/PET tape and a high-coverage braided shield mean that CCNC-IEF possess superior noise resistance and offer stable transmission quality for communications.
  • Jacket uses a lead-free, oil-and heat -resistant vinyl compound with superior flame retardance to support factory automation applications. (Complies with RoHS directive).
  • Passed bending test of 10 million times or more.
Station type
Number of stations occupied
CC-Link version
External dimensions Approx. 6.5 (mm)
Mass Approx. 45 (kg/km)
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