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NSK Ltd.

Model EDC drive module, series PS Mega-Torque motors

Maximum rotational speed of 10[s-1]. Realizing a detector resolution of 2,620,000 divisions/rotation.
The series PS Mega-Torque motors offer high performance that never was before.


  • Reduces positioning time. Use of a new system servo algorithm cuts the setting time to one fifth or shorter compared with our predecessor models.
  • The motors are low profile. The optimum magnetic field design realizes a thrust density of two times as high as that of our predecessor models.
  • Equipped with an interchangeable, highly accurate absolute position detector. An integrated, interchangeable absolute position detector with a high detection accuracy of 90 seconds eliminates the return-to-the-origin operation.
  • The drive module is down-sized. Use of a dedicated module reduces the physical volume of the drive module to 65% of our predecessor models.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 2 stations
Protocol version Ver.1.10
External dimensions 85(W)×160(H)×140(D) mm
Mass 1.3 kg
Standard Price