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Cisco Systems

Cisco Industrial Ethernet 4000 Series Switches

The Cisco® Industrial Ethernet (IE) 4000 Series is the latest addition to our ruggedized switching platforms and provides superior high-bandwidth switching and proven Cisco IOS® Software-based routing capabilities for industrial environments. The IE 4000 Series delivers highly secure access and industry-leading convergence using the Cisco Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP) and is built to withstand extreme environments while adhering to overall IT network design, compliance, and performance requirements..


  • Built for harsh environment and temperature range (-40 to 70 C).
    User-Friendly GUI Device Manager:Allows easily configuration and monitoring via a web browser.
    SwapDrive: “Zero-Config” Replacement:Simple switch replacement in case of a failure.
    High-density industrial PoE/PoE+ support providing in-line power to up to 8 power devices, including IP cameras and phones, badge readers, wireless access points, etc.
Station type
Number of stations occupied
CC-Link version
External dimensions 6.12 x 6.12 x 5.09 in. (155.4 x 155.4 x 129.2 mm)
Mass 6.35 pounds (2.88 kg)
Standard Price


  • 대리점 (주)아이넷빌더
    서울시 영등포구 국제금융로 70 1202호(여의도동, 미원빌딩)
  • URL: http://www.cisco.com/