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    P4LT Series


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Matsusada Precision Inc.

Ultra low ripple programmable dc power supply
P4LT Series

The P4LT series is DC power supply for precision plating, in base of super low noise DC power supply P4L series that adopts four digits meters and high-resolution D/A A/D converter, enabled furthermore electric current setting and output.
It also corresponds to digital communication, available widely from an experiment to the automation line.


  • Output of smooth electric current/voltage by the "0.1mA" "10mV" unit is possible.
  • Equipped with four digit meters and high-resolution D/A,A/D converter.
  • Realizes super low noise/high-speed reply by the adoption of the series regulator method.
  • Equipped with the functions such as analog remote control or various status signals.
  • Corresponds to various degital interface(option)
Station type Remote Device Station
Number of stations occupied 2 stations
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  • Matsusada Precision Inc.
    Inrternational Office TEL:06-6150-5088
    Headquarters 745 Aoji-cho Kusatsu Shiga 525-0041 Japan
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