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  5. Ethernet cable for CC-Link IE Field (movable shilded ultra-thin cable)


CC-Link partner product information

CC-Link IE Field|Peripheral devices|Cables・connectors


Ethernet cable for CC-Link IE Field (movable shilded ultra-thin cable)

・It is a 30AWG extrafine diameter stranded conductor/highly flexed cable (Robot cable type)
・Able to bend it small since it is very thin and flexible.
・Easy wiring to narrow space and in electronics.


  • ・Use: Moving part wiring
    ・Model number: SS-SR-OKTP-E5-P-AWG30X4P-SASB
    ・Color: Ash
    ・Flexibility-resistant: The high flexibility taking more than 10 million times of torsion time examinations, more than 40 million times of U character examinations, and more than 10 million times of right and left flexural examinations-resistant
    ・Noise-related resistant: High noise characteristics-resistant by double shielding (aluminum tape + side winding shield)
    ・Corresponding standard: CC-Link IE field network, ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Enhanced Category5 (conformity)
    ・Environment resistant: resistant to RoHS order, oil, and heat
    ・Maximum available length: 20m
    ・Sales form: from one cable to requested length. includes RJ45 plug on both end.
External dimensions 4.0mm
Mass 25kg/km
Standard Price Please contact us


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