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PMD2 series DC power supply (high-end model)

It is the output adjustable DC power supplies are available for the function such as plating, precious metal plating and experimental study of the electronic components. In order to have a friendly design environment resistance, it can be used, for example, plating factory.


  • The unique circuit design, and high efficiency
  • Equipped with a processing time timer function and integrated current meter function
  • Simultaneous display of three numbers of the voltage value and current value and the integrated current value
  • It is equipped with a memory operation function of 99 ways
  • It is equipped with a load monitor settings and features monitor function
  • Output waveform of the four types (low DC ripple, pulse wave, single-phase full-wave, special arbitrary waveform) can be selected
  • Equipped with a sequence operation function channel 9, step 9
  • The synchronization pulse output support (Option)
  • The primary input voltage of 380V ~ 440V support (custom order)
  • The output voltage of 40V or more support (custom order)
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station(Ver.2.0) , 2 stations(Ver1.1)
Protocol version Ver1.1 , Ver2.0
External dimensions Width: 270mm, depth 350mm, height 140mm (0.24kW or less)
Width: 350mm, depth 430mm, height 140mm (1.6W or less)
Width: 430mm, depth 430mm, height 140mm (3.2kW or less)
Width: 500mm, depth 615mm, height 160mm (4.8kW or less)
Mass 8kg (Rating capacity:0.24kW or less), 12kg (Rating capacity:1.6kW or less), 16kg (Rating capacity:3.2kW or less), 24kg (Rating capacity:4.8kW or less)
Standard Price Please contact us


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    Product details: http://www.chuo-seisakusho.co.jp/product_int/pdf/power_08.pdf

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