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Rectifier PMD series

PMD series are small multi-functional high quality rectifiers for functional plating used in electrical parts, noble metal plating, and research & development.


  • PMD outputs four-type waveforms: rectangular pulse, single phase full wave, triangular pulse, and low ripple direct current.
  • "9steps, 9channels" sequence control which you can freely set waveform, intermittent time, up-slope time, and down-slope time.
  • 42 sets of PMD can be connected together by using CC-Link ver.2.0.
  • Voltage and current monitor function.
  • Cumulative current monitor function.
  • Monitor function for upper and lower limit values which memories 20 settings of upper and lower limit value and detecting time.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station (2 stations in ver.1.1.)
Protocol version Ver.2.0 or ver.1.1
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