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WITTENSTEIN ternary Co.,Ltd.

Ternary all-in-one servo function unit

All-in-one servo actuator (integrated amplifier, controller and CC-Link interface).
Integrated Rotary / Linear mechanism (planetary gear, cylinder and slider with ball screw mechanism, etc)


  • integrated amplifier, controller and CC-Link interface. No space for amplifier is needed in electric cabinet.
  • Servo motor, high performance planetary gear system, integrated rod cylinder & slider mechanism, rack & pinion system, etc.
  • Two types motor: closed loop control stepping motor and Brushless AC servo motor.
  • IP40 to IP65
  • Besides incremental encoder, battely-less absolute encoder.
  • for all factory automation system.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station / 2 stations
CC-Link version Ver.1.10
External dimensions
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