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Weighing Controller F156 for CC-Link

Equipped with a CC-Link interface as a standard item, this weighing controller is best suited for use within control panels, etc.


  • The weighing controller has a metering sequence function that directly controls a gate simply by making settings and giving operation instructions.
  • Settings can be made from a remote console unit (optional) or RS-232C in addition to the CC-Link.
    The weighing controller is also equipped with a serial output port to which our printer or display can be easily connected.
  • The weighing controller has a high-accuracy head amplifier for load cells with a zero drift of 0.1μV/℃, and a high-speed A/D conversion and digital processing capability at a speed of 500 times per second, realizing a high resolution of 1/10000 (internal 1/40000).
  • Although it can be incorporated into a unit, an attachment for installation on a DIN rail (optional) is also available. Its compact size (67 mm (W) × 185 mm (H) × 130 mm (D)) permits the weighing controller to be installed in any place.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 2 stations
Protocol version Ver.1.10
External dimensions 67(W)×185(H)×130(D) mm
Mass Approx. 1.7 kg
Standard Price お問い合わせください


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