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C1 Series Analog I/O Unit

This is a sensor direct input type remote I/O unit for process instrumentation with channel-to-channel insulation.


  • This I/O unit combines all functions of an AD unit, a signal converter, and a characteristic converter.
  • The channel-to-channel withstand voltage is 2000 V AC for one minute.
  • The temperature range can be freely set (set a temperature range for each input point).
  • This I/O unit incorporates calculation functions for instrumentation, such as four-point warning and analog calculation, and warning values can be set at the output register of the CC-Link master station.
  • The pulse signals of a volumetric flowmeter or another unit can be integrated and converted into instantaneous values.
  • Functions can be set using tool software for personal computers (provided free of charge).
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 4 stations
Protocol version Ver. 1.10
External dimensions W200×H60×D126mm
Mass Approx. 750g
Standard Price 160,000円(税別)


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