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CC-Link/LT Picking Terminal ALT27XB-02G-P

A must-have picking system for sorting and assembling in all fields of industry.
An easy-to-install "reduced wiring Picking Terminal" is here for you to use as if it were the D-I/O of a PLC.
The handy, reduced wiring CC-Link/LT allows you to build up a simple picking system.


  • Easy to install
    ・Make it simple and reduce wiring with the CC-Link/LT.
    ・The crimp type link connector makes it easy to install.
  • Enables you to build up a system with a high level of flexibility and extension.
  • The terminal that incorporates the demands from work sites
    ・A bright, esthetic LED lamp and display (milky white when it is off).
    ・A lever switch covered with rubber for rough operation (with a mechanical life of one million switching operations).
    ・A terminal that allows you to easily define node numbers at a site.
    ・Can be installed at a higher location as you can tie a cord to the takeout check switch.
Station type Remote I/O station
Number of stations occupied 1 station
Protocol version
External dimensions
Mass 0.075 kg
Standard Price


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