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Safety Relay Module QS90SR2SN-CC/QS90SR2SP-CC

You can use these modules without any programming. Safety certification at the highest level is achieved.


  • You only need wiring to construct a safety circuit. No programming or setting is necessary
  • Connect a safety relay module for expansion, so that you can use 4 safety inputs and outputs at the maximum. These modules are optimal for a small-scale safety control
  • The modules are authorized by certifications at the highest safety level (EN954-1/ISO13849-1 category 4/performance level E)
  • When an error occurs in the module, the fail-safe function stops operation safely
  • The spring clamp terminal block doesn't require screw tightening, reducing wiring time significantly
Station type Remote I/O station
Number of stations occupied 1 station
Protocol version 1.10
External dimensions 112 (H) × 45 (W) × 113.5 (D) [mm]
Mass 0.37 kg
Standard Price