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Repeater Hub Module Thin Waterproof Type AJ65FBTA-RPH

Water proof construction enables outside installation


  • 8 branch star wiring can be used with 1 module
    Based on overall communication speed of the CC-Link a maximum of an 8 branch (segment) star wiring connection is possible
  • maximum of 1200 m per branch based on the repeater function, and furthermore extension is possible using a 2 stage connection.
    The maximum transmission distance per branch (segment) can be extended to 1200 m (for 156 kbps). By connecting a hub to each branch, it is possible to extend further
  • Through waterproof and dustproof construction the IP67 can be set up outside enabling enhancement of construction and reduction of installation cost
  • Addition to existing equipment can be performed easily.
    Can be added to existing equipment and a flexible network can be configured
Station type No point occupied by station
Protocol version
External dimensions 200 (H) × 60.3 (W) × 48 (D) [mm]
Mass 0.31 kg
Standard Price