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Optical Repeater Module AJ65SBT-RPS/AJ65SBT-PRG

The module can extend the transmission distance of CC-Link systems.


  • The transmission distance for CC-Link systems can be extended if two sets of AJ65SBT-RPS type (for SI/GSI type optical fiber cables) or AJ65SBT-RPG (for GI type optical fiber cables) are used together in combination. The transmission distance can be extended in three steps at the maximum (in two steps at the maximum if AJ65SBT-RPG type is used) if the repeaters are used together in plural number
  • The module makes T-branch wiring possible in CC-Link systems. If the module is connected between the units in CC-Link system, the T-branch wiring becomes possible
  • Optical fiber cables help to avoid troubles caused by noises and improve the stability of systems if the optical fiber cables are used for brancing or extending circuits
Protocol version 1.10
External dimensions 50 (H) × 118 (W) × 40 (D) [mm]
Mass 0.2 kg
Standard Price