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CC-Link-compatible EHLT02 handy line tester

Supports to start the CC-Link system.
Checking the operation of remote station is enabled without master station.


  • Master function
    For systems without master station, monitoring the input signal (RX, RWr) of the connected child station and test of the output signal (RY, RWw) are enabled. Monitor and test of the buffer memory are also enabled.
  • Monitor/test by station
    Indicating by station (unit) makes checking easier than indication of complicated and large number of device No.
  • Variable format of monitor/test
    Monitors and tests the device data in binary form, octal number, decimal number, hexadecimal number, binary-coded decimal (BCD) number, of character string (indication only). 32-bit (2-word) data is also processed.
  • Automatic CC-Link function
    Automatically identifies the connected system configuration without parameter setting, and starts the data link. (Operation in the remote net Ver.1 mode)
  • CC-Link diagnosis
    Checks the data link status of the connected units and also the cause of error state.
    [CC-Link diagnosis items]
    Local station monitor, remote station monitor, all station line test, and specified station line test
  • Registers remote device station initialization procedure
    Processes the remote device station as equivalent of the initial setting with the sequence program when data link starts. Up to 32 procedures can be set for one remote device station.
  • Storing parameters
    The set parameters, which can be stored up to 10, save the trouble of setting parameters to be used in the same system.
Protocol version 1.00,2.00
External dimensions 96(W)×188(H)×36.5(D) mm
Mass 0.39 kg
Standard Price