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JMACS Japan Co., Ltd.

CCNC-SB110SF-5 CC-Link Version 1.10-compatible flexible cable


  • Complex soft copper twisted wires superior in flexibility is used for the conductor.
  • Lead-free mixed vinyl, which is flexible and oil and heat resistant, is used for the sheath.
    Complies with RoHS directive.
  • The cable can be used for high-speed transmission at 10 Mbps and helps the CC-Link display full performance.
    The transmission distance is 50% of that of the standard cable.
    (Example: Max. 50m at 10Mbps)
  • The standard cable length is 100 meters.
    However, cables will be cut to your desired length and promptly delivered.
Station type
Number of stations occupied
CC-Link version Ver.1.10
External dimensions Cable outside diameter approx. 8.0 mm
Mass Approx. 75 (kg/km)
Standard Price Contact for more information.


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