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Remote I/O Module Screw Terminal Block Type AJ65SBTB-

A self-up screw ensures labor saving in wiring work.


  • This remote I/O module can be installed on the control panel with either screws or DIN rails
  • All modules adopt photocoupler insulation or relay insulation
  • When removing a round crimping terminal, it does not require the terminal screw to be unfastened
  • The finger protector on the top of the terminal bs lock prevents users from touching the charger and permits direct connection of any terminal block type digital I/O module to a machine
  • Can be installed in 6 directions
  • For the CSP+ files, please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric office or representative
Station type Remote I/O station
Number of stations occupied 1 station
Protocol version 1.10
External dimensions
Standard Price