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Mitsubishi Energy Measuring Module EcoMonitorPro

Energy-saving assisting units have entered the second generation!
The EcoMonitor series has evolved by "packaging and adding flexibility"!


  • The optimum packaging for each situation
    ・Each functional module is packaged for the optimum configuration.
    Modules for one, three, five, and seven circuits are available for efficient system configurations.
    ・Modules exclusively for low voltage and for low/high voltage are available so that a single module makes up a receiving circuit (high voltage) and a distributing circuit (low voltage).
  • Flexible system configurations
    ・A single module can measure plural transformer systems (irregular voltage, irregular phase line).
    ・An optional display module can display plural circuits.
    ・Large-size options are also available.
  • Cost/performance ratio
    ・The cost per circuit has been reduced by approximately 20% compared with our conventional modules
    (when EcoMonitor 2 is compared with seven circuits for receiving/distribution monitoring).
    ・With a relay system using a current sensor cable, circuits can be adjusted to the optimum length by one meter for actual use, ensuring efficient, economical wiring.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station
Protocol version Ver.1.10
External dimensions
Standard Price


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