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Mitsubishi Electric FA Industrial Products Corporation

Inverter Geared Motor GN Series

This is a geared motor with a CC-Link inverter incorporated, which realizes higher performance of the equipment and wire saving.
Lineup extended 2.2kW.


  • Constant torque operation in 6 to 60 Hz is possible without parameter settings(0.1 to 0.75kW).
    (1.5 to 2.2kW constant torque operation in 10 to 60 Hz.)
  • Control on multiple devices can simply be performed through CC-Link communication.
  • A power supply cable and CC-Link communication cable can be multidrop-connected, allowing wire saving.
  • With an incorporated inverter, wiring between a motor and inverter is not required as well as a control panel.
  • The inverter, which is a totally enclosed type inverter, can also be used outside.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station
Protocol version Ver.1.10
External dimensions
Standard Price