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AG42-C1 AnyWire-DB Gateway Compatible with CC-Link

The AnyWire wire-saving system complements open network CC-Link systems with flexibility.


  • The AnyWire wire-saving system complements a system that uses CC-Link. You can save wires for the I/O component at the sensor or actuator level equivalent to a sub-network in the control system. The system is flexibly expanded.
  • The full quadruple dual-bus system, the basic structure of the AnyWire-DB series, can perform two different types of data transmission, bit ON/OFF control on the bit-bus and analog/parameter data transmission on the word-bus, using a single transmission line.
  • By introducing the AnyWire wire-saving system, you can save wires, man-hours, and space. Free branching is available, including T-branch, multi-drops, and trees. Insulation displacement connectors enable simple and easy connections that leave no rubbish during wiring. You can flexibly use general-purpose electric wires for wiring. All these and others achieve excellent workability and maintenance performance.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 4 stations
Protocol version Ver. 1.10
External dimensions 57(W)×54.5(H)×140(D) mm
Standard Price 60,000円(税別)


  • Headquarters, West Japan Office
     1 Babazusho, Nagaokakyo-city, Kyoto 617-8550
    e-mail : info_e@anywire.jp
  • [Korea]
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    서울특별시 강남구 논현로8길 5 세봉빌딩 4층
  • URL: http://www.anywire.jp/

    Mail: info@anywire.jp