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AFMP-02-C/AFMP-02-CA CC-Link Slave Interface for YASKAWA ELECTRIC MP2000 Series

CC-Link Slave Interface with AnyWire DB Master for MP2200/2300 (YASKAWA ELECTRIC)
Slave interface board for connecting YASKAWA ELECTRIC PLC (machine controller) MP2200/2300 to the host CC-Link.


  • A single CC-Link master station can be connected to maximum 16 MP2200/2300s, connecting between a host PLC, e.g. MELSEC Q, and an MP with the CC-Link. (AFMP-02-C) AFMP-02-CA has the master function of AnyWire DB.
  • Data, e.g. parameter data, can be exchanged between the host MP PLC and the slave MP PLC.
  • The AnyWire DB less-wiring port with high resistance to electric noise is included as an option (AFMP-02-CA). Using the AnyWire less-wiring port enables free-wiring and free-topology I/O connection with up to 2560 points.
  • The Dual Bus system of the AnyWire DB series can independently transmit two different kinds of processing, the bit ON/OFF control with Bit Bus and the analog parameter data transmission with Word Bus, through one transmission line using a full quadruplex communication chip. The use of high-speed application is realized, and the transmission of control data and information data can be integrated.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 4 stations
Protocol version Ver. 1.10/Ver. 2.00
External dimensions 19.3(W)×130(H)×97.8(D)
Mass 100 g
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