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Nanjing DECOWELL Automation CO. Ltd.

FS series integrated bus I/O module

The FS integrated I/O module was one of the early offerings from Deckwell. The communication interface, power supply module and I/O module are designed as highly integrated single modules. Can support various communication bus, for example, PROFINET, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, CC - Link and so on. There are a variety of signal types and output points to choose from, a single module can support up to 32 signal points.


  • Small size, compact structure, simple wiring, stable and reliable performance.
  • http://welllinkio.com/down-93.html
Station type Remote I/O station
Number of stations occupied 1
Protocol version 1.10
External dimensions 88.8(L)×100(W)×45.4(H)[mm]
Mass 200g
Standard Price


  • 公司名称 : 南京德克威尔自动化有限公司
  • 地址 : 中国江苏省南京市浦口区桥林街道紫峰研创中心二期3栋
  • 电话号码 : 4000969016
  • URL: http://welllinkio.com/

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