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BWML Series

Station Type : Device Station
Number of Station occupied : 1 or 2 Station
CC-Link Version : 1.10 or 2.00 Version
Communication Speed : 156kbps/625kbps/2.5Mbps/5Mbps/10Mbps


  • Through-Beam Type Mapping Sensor
  • It used double-Scan method, it can stably detect glass and it doesn't matter glass type or status(such as glass thickness, curved glass, kind of glass).
  • It composed well-collimated Lens despite scattered.
  • It can easily set up beacuse It has user-friendly funtion are auto teaching, set up navigation, alarm for missing sensor position.
  • Self-diagnosis, monitoring light power, alarm for emitter damage
  • It can change sensing level.
Station type remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station, 2 station
Protocol version Ver.1.0 / Ver.2.0
External dimensions 32 x 32 x 600~2,000
Mass 2.7kg
Standard Price


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