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Modular Industrial IP67 Computer HARTING MICA

Robust IoT gateway computer MICA can be customized based on modular hardware / software structure. Easy connection using CC-Link IE Field Basic container as well as connection to EtherNet / IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT and Database/Cloud


  • System performance:
    -CPU: ARM A8 processor, 1 GB RAM, eMMC 4 GB
    -OS: Linux
    -SD card slot (max. 32 GB micro SD)
    -Robust aluminum die-cast housing
    -Dustproof and waterproof protection grade IP 67
    -Railway standard EN 50155 compliant, EMC resistant, vibration resistant, impact resistant
    MICA Variation
    -Basic version: MICA Basic
    -For open network connection: MICA HMS (EtherCAT, EtherNet / IP, or PROFINET connection function installed)
    -USB device connection: MICA USB
    -MICA-based RFID reader: Ha-VIS RFID RF-Rx 0
    -For energy management: MICA Energy
    -Additional LAN & Serial installed: MICA LAN / COM
Station type Master
Number of stations occupied
Protocol version
External dimensions W132 mm x H86mm x D35 mm
Mass 700g
Standard Price Please contact us


  • name : HARTING K.K.
    phone : 045-476-3456
    e-mail : jp@HARTING.com
    other :
  • [Korea]
  • 현지법인 하팅코리아(주)
    경기도 성남시 중원구 갈마치로 302 우림라이온스밸리 5차 B동 108호
  • [Europe]
  • name : HARTING Technology Group
    phone : +49 (0)5772 – 470
    e-mail : info@HARTING.com
  • URL: https://www.harting.com/DE/en-gb

    Product details: https://www.harting.com/DE/en-gb/solutions/mica