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Tianjin Sentinel Electronics Co., Ltd.

16 Digital ouputs Module ELCL-OM16-0001

Fieldbus I/O module CC-Link,16 Digital outputs,M12 A code connection


  • remote I/O station,16 Digital outputs-0.5A
  • Fully potted module electronics,Protection classes IP67
  • Input diagnostics per port
  • short-circuit and overload protected,Power diagnostics available
  • Transfer rate:156kbit/s...10Mbit/s
  • 7/8"-5pin,short circuit protection>2A. per port
  • M12, 5-pole, A-coded
Station type remote I/O station
Number of stations occupied 1 station
Protocol version Ver.1.10
External dimensions W(mm) x H(mm) x D (mm) 220.5 x 27x60.4
Mass 0.59kg
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   English version    SENTINEL-ELCL_CSP.zip


  • Company name : 天津市森特奈电子有限公司
  • Address : 天津市高新区海泰绿色产业基地K2座
  • Telephone : 022-83726972
  • Mail : uatong@sentinel-china.com
  • 佟畅,13920892553
  • URL: http://www.sentinel-china.com