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Molex, LLC


TBDCC-880P-844 (CC-Link IO) modules provide a reliable solution for connecting industrial controllers to I/O devices in harsh duty environments. Contained in an IP67 rated housing, Brad I/O modules can be machine mounted and are able to withstand areas where liquids, dust or vibration may be present. This makes them ideally suited for many applications including material handling and automated assembly.


  • Digital 8 Inputs PNP.
    Connector IO type : M8
    Connector CC-LinkIO type : M12
    Connector Power type : M8
    Operating temperature -10°c … +70°c
    Storage temperature -20°c … +85°c
    Protection Class IP67
Station type Remote I/O Station (Cyclic communication only)
Number of stations occupied 1
Protocol version 1.1
External dimensions 30 x 175 x 20 mm (1.18"x6.89"x0.78")
Mass 200 gr
Standard Price Contact Eric Goric.


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