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    GP10, GP20


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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Paperless Recorder (Portable type)
GP10, GP20

The GP10/GP20 are portable type paperless recorders that display real-time measured data on a touch screen and save data on an external storage medium (SD card).

Record device datas in MELSEC with /E4:SLMP option and /MC:Communication Channel Option.


  • 1.Measurement
    -Inputs and outputs that support a wide range of DUTs
    -Modular construction for expandable input/output
    -Multichannel measurement on up to 450 channels
    -Pulse signal data acquisition, integral count
    -Supports multichannel recording over long durations
    -Redundancy through internal memory and external media
    -Saves binary data for enhanced security (also supports plain text)
    3.Display & operation
    -Arrange screens any way you like with the Custom Display function (option)
    -Wide variety of powerful display functions
    -Touch screen for even greater ease of use
    -Monitor remotely and edit GX/GP settings from a web
    4.Data use
    -Automatically create and print spreadsheets
    -Powerful software for a variety of tasks including data analysis, settings,
    and acquisition
    -Save to binary or text format
    -SLMP Communication (Mitsubishi PLC) browser
Station type
Number of stations occupied
CC-Link version
External dimensions GP10:144(W)× 168(H)× 197(D) mm
GP20:288(W)× 318(H)× 197(D) mm
Mass GP10: Approx. 1.9 kg, GP20: Approx. 5.4 kg
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  • URL: http://www.yokogawa.com/index.htm?_ga=1.5679347.1320767998.1383194244

    Product details: http://www.smartdacplus.com/en/

    Product details: http://www.smartdacplus.com/en/gp/gp01.html