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TFKC 2,5/ 5-STF-5,08 AU (1962590)

PCB plug-in connectors for CC-Link
Please check the socket selection for PCB side.


  • Connection: Push-in Spring
    Features: Gold contact, T shape, With screw flange
    Voltage/Current: 250 V / 12 A
    Pitch: 5.08 mm
    Poles: 5
    Connection wire(Solid/Stranded): 0.2-2.5 / 0.2-2.5 mm2
    Mating socket: Please select from MSTB 2,5/ 5-GF-5,08 AU and MSTBV 2,5/ 5-GF-5,08 AU.
Station type 5
Protocol version
Standard Price Please contact your nearest PHOENIX CONTACT sales office.


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