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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

UTAdvanced Series DIN rail mounting type Controllers UT55A/MDL, UT52A/MDL, UT35A/MDL, UT32A/MDL

UTAdvanced Series DIN rail mounting type controllers can be mounted in a panel. Mounting the controller in a panel simplifies the panel surface. A ladder sequence function is included as standard. The short depth of the controller helps save instrument panel space. They also support open networks such as CC-Link communication.


  • Integrated universal input/output, contact input/output, communication function and power supply brings both space-saving and rich functionality.
    Advanced Control -8 build-in control modes and types ;PID control, ON/OFF control(1 point of hysteresis), ON/OFF control(2 point of hysteresis), Two-position control, Heating/cooling control, Sample PI control, Batch PID control, Feedforward control
    -Ladder sequence control -Number of basic command types: 13, Number of application command types: 73
    -Fuzzy logic ;The field proven SUPER function utilizes a built-in operator experience and fuzzy theory to deliver fine control and suppress overshoot.
  • Comminucation Functions
    -Modbus ;Modbus/TCP,Modbus/RTU
    -Open Network ;CC-LINK, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet
    -Peer to Peer ;The use of the ladder sequence program makes it possible to exchange analog data and status data between communication-capable UTAdvanced.
    -Coodinated Operation ;The slave controllers are operated in accordance with the actions of the master controller.
  • Reliability
    -RoHS/WEEE compliant ;UTAdvanced is environmentally safe when disposing.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station - 4 station
Protocol version Ver.2.00, Ver,1,10
External dimensions • External dimensions (mm):
UT55A/MDL, UT35A/MDL: 96 (width) x 114 (height) x 100 (depth)
UT52A/MDL, UT32A/MDL: 48.2 (width) x 114 (height) x 100 (depth)
• Compatible DIN rails: TH35-7.5Fe, TH35-7.5Aℓ, JIS C 2812
Mass Weight: 1 kg or less
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