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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

UTAdvanced Series Digital Indicator with Alarms

The UM33A digital indicator with Alarms employ an easy-to-read, 14-segment large color LCD display, along with navigation keys, thus greatly increasing the monitoring and operating capabilities. The short depth of the controller helps save instrument panel space. Also supporting the CC-Link communication.


  • The UM33A has an universal input which can directly input signals from various sensors in the field. Embedded CC-Link communication. Equipped with retransmission output.
  • Simplicity
    -Bright & Easy to Read Active Color LCD Display
    -Easy Operation Map, Navigation Guide and Navigation Keys
    -Multiple language support ;English, Spanish, French, and German
    -Compact design depth (The 65-mm depth)
    -LL50A Parameter Setting Software ;Setting Parameters Tool, CC-LINK Profile setting Tool
  • Reliability
    -RoHS/WEEE compliant ;UTAdvanced is environmentally safe when disposing.
    Dust-proof and drip-proof front panel (NEMA4*2 /IP66)
    -UTAdvanced can also be used for food-processing equipment with washable control panels.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station - 4 station
Protocol version Ver.2.00, Ver,1,10
External dimensions External dimensions (mm): 96 (width) x 48 (height) x 65 (depth from the panel surface)
Mass Weight: 0.5 kg or less
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