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    P4L Series


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Matsusada Precision Inc.

Ultra Slim & Versatile DC Power Supply
P4L Series

The P4L series is the series regulator method highly precise/super low noise DC power supply adopting four digit meters and high-resolution D/A/A/D converter which enables more precise output setting/reading.
It comes equipped with not only the overvoltage protection but also the overcurrent protection, also corresponds with digital communication function. Able to use widely from an experiment to the automation line.


  • 4-digit meter
  • Ultra low ripple & Fast response
  • Easy to set up the automation line and measuring system
  • Various function will be included as standard
  • Corresponds to Degital Interface
  • Quiet natural air-cooling method (model under 108W)
Station type Remote Device Station
Number of stations occupied 2 stations
Protocol version Ver.1.1
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  • Matsusada Precision Inc.
    International Office TEL:06-6150-5088
    Headquarters 745 Aoji-cho Kusatsu Shiga 525-0041 Japan
  • [Korea]
  • 대리점 (주)플루토테크놀로지
    경기도 고양시 일산서구 킨텍스로 217-59, 703호