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Valcom Co.,LTD.

High-speed strain gauge panel meter VGM4

Compact,high-performance and Good good performance.
high-speed sampling of 4000 samples per second(Hold:20000 sanmples per second)


  • Highly functional color graphic LCD screen, full 5-digit display
    ・Warning indication which considered the user viewpoint
    ・16bit Analog output (Voltage: 0±1~10V, Current: 4~20mA)
    ・Bipolar hold function (+/- two-way Sampling , hold and averaging )
    ・Four comparison setting outputs
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 Station,2 Stations,4 Stations
Protocol version Ver1.10
External dimensions W96×H52.5×(D140.2),Panel cutout dimensions W92×H45
Mass Approximately 300 g
Standard Price


  • name : VALCOM Co.,LTD
    3-7-25, Minowa, Toyonaka City, Osaka Pref, JAPAN
    phone : TEL +81-6-6857-1811 FAX +81-6-6857-1003
    e-mail :
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