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CC-Link|Slave|Solenoid valve

Festo AG & Co. KG


CTEU-CC Fieldbus is usuable with the valve Terminals VTUG, VTOC and MPA-L directly also with the CAPC Adapter. The CAPC Adapter plate allows to connect two valve Terminals or a valve Terminal and an IO module connected with M12- 5pin cables.


  • Mapping in the bit area:
    1 Station: max 16 bits
    2 Station: max. 48 bits
    3 Station: max. 80 bits
    4 Station: max. 112 bits

    Mapping in the word area:
    1 Station: max. 8 byte
    2 Station: max. 16 Byte

    The diagnostics function can be activated or deactivated by setting bit 0 of the first output byte in the unused range.
Station type Remote Device Station
Number of stations occupied 4 station selectable
Protocol version 1.1
External dimensions 40 mm x 91 mm x 50 mm
Mass 90gr
Standard Price Price on request


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