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Festo AG & Co. KG

Version 2.0 Fieldbus for the CPX System - FB23-24

The CPX fieldbus node CPX-FB23 which is conformed to CC-Link version 1.1 and , is upgraded to CC-Link version 2.0. The order code is FB24. Both of them FB23 and FB24 are useable on the same fieldbus module and is selectable via Dil Switches
CPX is usuable with the valveterminals MPA, MPA-L, VTUG and VTSA


  • Version 1.1 and Version 2.0 on board selectable via Dil Switches
    Station and cycletime optimized Version 2.0 enables 512 inputs and 512 Outputs
    System diagnostics
    Hold/clear function
Station type Remote Device Station
Number of stations occupied 4 station selectable - 8 cycle selectable
Protocol version Version 1.1 and Version 2.0
External dimensions 50 mm x 107 mm x 50 mm (Interlinking block included)
Standard Price Price on request


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