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TEAC Corporation

Digital Transducer Indicator TD-700T(CCL)

Color LCD equipped High Speed and High Cost Performance Digital Transducer Indicator


  • - Five-digit digital display enables direct reading of physical quantities up to ±99999.
    - Support for TEDS sensors makes calibration easy.
    Automatic calibration is also possible when a TEDS sensor is connected.
    - An equivalent input function is included, making sensitivity adjustment without actual loads easy.
    - Static strain measurement is possible.
    Identifying load cell defects and other problems through plastic deformity is easy.
Station type Remote Device Station
Number of stations occupied 1 station, 2 stations, 4 stations
Protocol version Ver.1.10
External dimensions Approx. 96 mm × 53 mm × 132 mm (without protrusions)
Mass Approx. 300 g
Standard Price


  • name : TEAC Corporation
    phone : +81 42 356 9161
    e-mail : cs_ipd@teac.jp
  • [Korea]
  • 대리점 디와이테크 주식회사
    서울시 광진구 아차산로 444 와이엔오피스텔 801호
    Tel : 02-444-4477