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CC-Link compatible ECL2-V680D1 RFID Interface Unit

Using the RFID interface module as the CC-Link remote device station achieves connections with the RFID system V680 series manufactured by OMRON Corporation.


  • ECL2-V680D1 applies to the remote device station of CC-Link and can relate CC-Link to a V680 series RFID system of OMRON.
    ECL2-V680D1 is placed at the remote position from the CC-Link master station to up to 1200m.
  • ECL2-V680D1 has a function for maintenance to show below,
    [Communication test]
    ECL2-V680D1 checks communication conditions between an antenna and an ID tag for a setup and maintenance.
    [Distance level measurement]
    ECL2-V680D1 measures a distance level between an antenna and the ID tag.
  • ECL2-V680D1 supports iQSS (iQ Sensor Solution) which Mitsubishi Electric proposes. The enginner can operate a function for maintenance of ECL2-V680D1 with GX Works2 which is Mitsubishi Electric MELSOFT, and can confirm the conditions such as an ON/OFF signal or device data controlling this product easily.
    Furthermore, can shorten the work period that development and debugging and the setup of the system take.
  • The FB (function block) library which attracted the sequence programs such as the reading or writing of the ID tag of parameter setting and data, is offered, and can develop a control program easily by using these FB libraries.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 2 stations / 4 stations
Protocol version 1.10,2.00
External dimensions 150 x 65 x 45 [mm] (except the connection antenna cable)
Mass 0.3kg
Standard Price