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FREQROL-F700 Series General-purpose inverter

The energy saving effect is obvious
Energy saving inverter


  • Environment Friendly
    ・Upgraded version of optimal excitation control offers improved energy saving control for both constant speed and acceleration/deceleration operations.
    ・An energy saving monitor displays power savings, and annual power savings, etc.
    ・A newly developed, built-in noise filter (EMC filter) reduces noise emissions from the inverter.
  • Easy to Use
    ・Optimal air-conditioning and fluid control is possible by standard fan and pump functions such as PID control, commercial operation switching, V/F5 point adjustable, original operation continuation at instantaneous power failure, and regeneration avoidance.
    ・When CC-Link is running, operation can be controlled by X, Y commands from a PLC, making program creation easy.
  • Improved Reliability & Maintainability
    ・Lengthens the life of cooling fans and capacitors.
    ・A self-diagnosis function outputs parts life alarm and monitors degrees of deterioration, permitting corrective measures to be taken before problems occur.
    ・A removable terminal block and cooling fan cassette simplify replacement procedures.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station
Protocol version Ver.1, Ver.2
External dimensions
Standard Price


  • 회사명 : 현지법인 한국미쓰비시전기오토메이션㈜
  • 주소 : 서울특별시 강서구 양천로 401 강서한강자이타워 A동 9층
  • 전화번호 : 02-3664-8333
  • URL:http://kr.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/ko/