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MITSUBISHI Inverter FR-A701 Series

Inverter with built-in power regeneration function
(For CC-Link communication, the option FR-A7NC is required.)


  • easy-to-use
    ・ The number of wires in the main circuit has been reduced to approx.40% and the installation area has been reduced to approx.60% (for 7.5K) compared to the conventional configuration with stand-alone common converters. Use this model to save the wiring and the space.
    ・ For easy replacement, the installation size is the same as the conventional model (FR-A201).
    ・ The braking circuit is built-in for this inverter, so the selection procedure for a braking option is no longer required.
    ・ The FR-A701 is based on the A700 series demonstrating the highest level of driving performance, long-life parts, life diagnosis function, network capability, simple operation and easy maintenance.
    ・ The total cost is reduced compared to the conventional system (inverter + power regenerative converter + ACreactor). Less heat is generated in this inverter because the regenerative power is returned to the power supply, leading to energy savings.
  • Pursuing the best performance
    ・ It has excellent braking capacity. (The regenerative braking torque is 100% for continuous operation and 150% for 60s.)
Station type Remote device staion
Number of stations occupied One station
Protocol version Ver.1, Ver.2
External dimensions
Standard Price お問い合わせください


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